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The application of family law deals with all aspects of the law that govern family relationships. A lawyer specialising in family law prepares and files petitions in front of the court, in addition to representing the client. Some jurisdictions have family courts designated for such purposes, where all these aspects are judged.

It is known that the family environment provides the human being with the necessary goods to develop properly and prevents or corrects situations that may affect said development. It is the parents who hold the primary responsibility for the upbringing, guidance and protection of children, who need the family environment and the environment of happiness, love and understanding that is lived within it; being, consequently, the first ones obliged to safeguard the respect.

Issues related to family law are judged in municipal, district or circuit courts. Below are questions that are included in the general term of family law.

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Family Law



Once paternity is established, the noncustodial parent is legally obligated to pay a specific amount of money per month for the child’s support. This amount is based on the income of the father and the formula for the child support guidelines of the parent’s state of residence.

In cases of divorce or when the relationship from which the child is born suffers a break, it is necessary to enter a custody agreement that defines with which father the child will live most of the time. This is important when defining which educational system, the child will attend and for other issues. Sometimes, when the separation is in good terms, the parents reach an agreement between them; however, it is common for one or both parties to need a lawyer to represent them in courts to defend their rights of custody.



The visitation regime is another issue that parents deal with in a family court. Depending on how confrontational a divorce or separation is, moving a child from a parent’s house to the other parent’s house may require a degree of subtlety that is best resolved by legal professionals. A lawyer specialising in family law can vehemently question a parent’s claim that his client needs supervised visits with the child. On the other hand, in cases where a parent has proved irresponsible or has difficulty staying sober, these lawyers can provide the court with a compelling argument, backed by documentation, that visits should be supervised to protect the child’s safety. The holiday plan, which used to be a difficult aspect, can be accommodated with a well-designed visitor plan and thus avoid negative emotions during what is supposed to be a happy holiday time.



Sometimes it is required to apply to court for parenting orders, if that is your case you should try a family dispute resolution first. However, if you want to apply for a parenting order you need to know that you must include a certificate from a family dispute resolution practitioner with your application stating that you have been to, or attempted to go to, family dispute resolution and that it did not work out.

You may be able to apply directly to the court without a certificate if:

  • When there has been any type of child abuse.
  • When there is a case of family violence.
  • If your situation is very urgent and needs a solution right now.

Sometimes going to a family dispute does not mean that you will get to an agreement Going to family dispute resolution doesn’t mean you will get to an agreement with the other part. For those cases you need a legal advisor that is willing to help you understand the situation and know all your options.



There are some cases when a family lawyer is required, these are some of those cases:

  • If your child is experiencing or has experienced domestic violence.
  • When you are concerned about your or your children’s safety.
  • When you believe your ex-partner will sell, lose or destroy your property.

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